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What the heck is Intelligence?

Like most of us, once we start something new, we talk to friends and share our enthusiasm over the topic. Today was no different. I sat down with a dear friend and in my passion was going over what we're building and how it will revolutionize the world. In my excitement, I was using terms like Neural networks, AI, Augmented Intelligence among many others. My friend heard each and every word I had to say and once done, politely felt the need to give me a more than amazing and simple understanding of the world of 'intelligence'.

I am so glad he did!

Here's sharing the 'cliff' notes version of the learnings:

1) Terms such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Deep learning among others are widely used interchangeably.

2) Artificial Intelligence is the process of replicating human intelligence in computers. This is done by giving the machine a set of rules or policies. AI is bound within the confines of these rules. More like On and Off or playing a game of chess with computer.

3) Machine Learning is the art of taking AI and giving it the ability to self-learn. It does so by taking large amounts of data and making the determination over time, computational analysis and patterns on what should be the correct and expected outcome. Or playing a game of chess where computer cant be beaten.

4) Deep learning and Neural networks: These are steps taken to make a AI get to ML. Data set from large amount of games and patterns with weights assigned to each input and simulating possible outcomes.

5) Augmented Intelligence: The art of making ML a human or have feelings. Example, losing to a child even though you know how to win in 3 steps.

Hope you enjoyed the learning explained here with amazing simplicity as much as I did.

Nitin Krishna

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