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One word to define a product manager's job

We are often asked what is Product Management and what do Product Managers do. There are million answers to this question. Some of which we have answered ourselves in our earlier posts. However, we came across the term 'gatekeepers of time'. Our initial thought was, but that's a Project Managers job...but upon further thought, do see the reasons why this would work. See how.

1) Product Managers do identify the right set of problems and ask, are we really taking up the biggest problem?

2) They spend enough time to come up with the right solutions (Discuss, experiment, feedback)

3) They rally the team to believe in the vision

4) They ask the right questions. Is it scalable? Are there any roadblocks?

5) They are constantly learning (Are goals met, Are we tracking all required information/data?)

To sum up, gatekeepers sounds appropriate. Do let us know if you agree as well.


[About Guidunz: We are a full service product management consulting firm who focuses on developing a needs based sustainable growth plan for their clients. We are dynamic results-oriented executives skilled in growing revenue and obtaining productivities across Healthcare, Financial and Telecom Industries. Our strength is providing strategic leadership while developing and managing growth solutions in highly competitive and dynamic B2B and B2C markets. In our 17 years, we have built and managed over 50 cloud based technology products, generating recurring and top line revenue while bringing cost efficiency via process improvement.]

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