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Entrepreneur vs. Product Manager

Would it surprise you if I said, Product Management is synonymous to Entrepreneurship? Chances are you’d agree. But the real question is, how would you chose a team thats a good fit for your organization?

To do so, think like a venture capitalist (VC). Understand what a VC looks in an entrepreneur team prior to investing in them. Typically, a VC would invest in a team that has launched a business in past. May we add, not just launched, but launched a sustainable and financially viable business. What they hope to see is an evidence in how the team handled failure or challenge. Does the team stand right back up and dust off the dirt or find excuses? Are they repeating what isn’t working or growing to meet the obstacle head on? Finally, is the team knowledgeable yet humble enough to know when and where to seek advice. If the answer to these questions is yes, the VC will likely invest.

Now replace the word ‘Entrepreneur’ with ‘Product Manager’ and you have your team.


[About Guidunz: We are a full service product management consulting firm who focuses on developing a needs based sustainable growth plan for their clients. We are dynamic results-oriented executives skilled in growing revenue and obtaining productivities across Healthcare, Financial and Telecom Industries. Our strength is providing strategic leadership while developing and managing growth solutions in highly competitive and dynamic B2B and B2C markets. In our 17 years, we have built and managed over 50 cloud based technology products, generating recurring and top line revenue while bringing cost efficiency via process improvement.]

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